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How to Get Your Crush’s Attention


Time for some girl talk. Ladies, I don’t think I need to describe how annoying it is when you like a guy so much, but no matter how hard you try, he just doesn’t seem to get the message or notice you. It’s so crazy and frustrating because you have tried every single thing within your power to get his attention, and it feels like nothing is working out.

There are many times you contemplate getting him off your mind, but seeing the smile on his gorgeous face pulls you back into his web. You want him to notice you badly and not just notice but also start a conversation with you, but you are conflicted about what else to do.

Don’t worry, your homegirl, G-Life, got you. With our unconventional fashion tips, we are going to enlighten you on ways to get your crush to notice you within a week, ask you to be his girlfriend in that same week, and propose to you within one month of the relationship.

Dress up like his mom

Weird, but it could work like a charm. The truth is that several girls also have a crush on your man, so standing out is your best option. It’s no news that the closest woman to a man’s heart is his mother, which is why you need to explore this advantage. There is a reason why guys often say, “I want to marry someone like my mum.”


Getting your crush to notice you sometimes call for extreme measures, and one of those measures is a makeover. Ignore the fact that you want to impress your crush; every girl during her life deserves to have at least two makeovers.

Makeovers transform your appearance into an upgraded version, highlighting your natural beauty. Be sure that once you get a new wardrobe, facial glow-up, and fabulous haircut, no one is going to be able to keep their eyes off you, particularly him. And by “him,” we mean your crush.

Wear your hair pig-tail style

Nostalgia is the feeling that washes over us when we remember past events. Everyone has a past, including guys, and in some guys’ pasts, they once fell in love with a girl when they were children. Are you seeing where this is headed?

Wearing your hair in a pigtail reminds your crush of his childhood crush or girlfriend, whom he probably had to leave for some reason. Once he sees you, he feels like you are a second chance to experience the young love he never got to have.

Don’t get me wrong: you’re not acting like a rebound or anything; you’re simply giving him a taste of the past while showing him the future; YOU! Your hair does not have to be in a pigtail; it could be patewo, all back, or any other childhood-related hairstyle you know.

Put on your traditional attire

Nothing screams “girlfriend and wife material” more than cultural representation. Wearing a traditional outfit representing your crush’s culture gives him the impression that you are into the things he likes, and you are proud of your native identity (which might not be entirely true).

Throw away all your western outfits and replace them with cultural clothes from different tribes, because who knows which tribe your next crush is going to belong to?

After reading this article, we hope to receive the invitations to your wedding in the next month. However, follow these tips at your own risk. We are not liable for any disappointment, rejection, or embarrassment.

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