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My name is Adelabi Ayo olaoluwa with the Email adelabiolaoluwa99@gmail.com , the admin of this blog..I believe my blog (mhizyblog.com.ng) increases the availability of information, entertainment news, football news, celebrity news, stories and novels e.t.c and also encourages healthy debate through comments of our readers and makes possible new connections between people.
It is my belief that censoring this blog is based on freedom of speech but abusive words or violence to groups or condemning religions,ethnicity would not be condone through the comments of our readers .

All post are being posted by me ( Adelabi Ayo olaoluwa) and its does not include adult content. All images,videos,write ups are valid and true.. I will always give you quality posts as my readers ..Entertaining and serving my readers with information is my watch word

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