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[Movie] The Good Neighbor

What's next door is something to be afraid of.

David, a former New York Times journalist, has a nightmare evening when he and his weird new neighbor Robert accidentally hit a girl riding her bike. To safeguard his career, David, buzzed and disoriented, allows Robert to persuade him to abandon the scene and leave the girl for dead. Robert exhibits no remorse, and in the name of friendship, he goes to great lengths to keep the secret hidden. Things start to spiral out of control now that the police are on the lookout for the hit-and-run killer, when David's local newspaper sends him to cover the story, where he meets the deceased girl's sister Vanessa. Despite the circumstances and her strong determination to track out her sister's killer, the two hit it off right away.

The Good Neighbor (2022)

Release Date: Jun 17, 2022 (United States)
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