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How To Catch A Cheating Partner


Below are some of the most effective ways to catch a cheating spouse.

Step 1. Get a smartphone

Step 2. Ensure your PlayStore or AppStore is up to date

Step 3. You only need their phone number

Step 4. Get at least a social media or commerce app they have registered their phone number with. Eg: Facebook, Twitter, Bolt, Jumia and so on

Step 5. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi and use a VPN to port to any location but your present one

Step 6. Are you truly ready for this revelation? Can you chest knowing your partner is a cheater? If so, proceed to step 7

Step 7. This is where it gets interesting

Step 8. Focus on making money. A partner that will cheat will cheat. To catch them isn’t hard but focus on making money abeg. It’s only money that will console you should you find out your partner cheats.

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