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[Talk zone] BE SINCERE!!! Your House Is Burning But You Can Only Save 2 From These 4 Vital Things – What Are You Saving?

People’s priorities differs in life – That’s why some people value material things than love and relationships

The love for money have made a lot of people forget/lost their value for humanity/love – A lot of people believe in material things over any form of humanity.

Restarting life after loosing your loved ones may seem so easy when reading stories or from books but in reality, its the hardest thing to do. – Well tho, let’s skip this long stories sha.

Imagine you find yourself in a situation like this and you have to make a choice of saving just two from the 4 vital things given  

So Guys, the question here is 👇

What Are You Saving?

Let us have your say on this

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