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Things you Probably Didn't know About Cowry

Even though cowries are commonly associated with money and old rituals, here are some other things you might not know about cowry shells.


1. A cowry is a shell of a sea snail: This is why it was also referred to as shell money.

2. The word cowry appears to be an English word but in actuality, it’s not. Cowry is a Hindi word meaning sea snails.

3. The Ghanaian cedi was named after cowry shells. The Akan tribe’s term for cowry shell is cedi, hence the origin of the Ghanaian cedi.

4. Back when there was no tinder or dating website, African women, when they saw a man they liked, would wear cowries around their necks with the slit pointing outwards, to indicate they were interested in him.

5. It was commonly believed around the world that cowries made women more fertile and beautiful.

For many people today, cowrie shells make fascinating jewellery and decorations. Whether in jewellery or craft. Cowrie shells add the exotic feel of Africa.

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